1. How many awards does Go On Girl Book Club (“GOG”) give each year?
Each year, the GOG Scholarship Committee will grant at least two writing awards. One award is given to an Unpublished Writer and the other award is given to an Aspiring Writer who attends a Historically Black College or University (HBCU).

2. What is the award amount?
The 1st place award winner in each category will receive $1,000.

3. What are the eligibility requirements for the Unpublished Writer’s Award?

4. What are the eligibility requirements for the Aspiring Writer’s Award?

5. May I apply for both awards?
If you meet the eligibility criteria for the Aspiring Literary Scholar Award and also meet the eligibility criteria for the Unpublished Writer’s Award, you may apply for both awards.

6. May I submit more than one entry?
No, an applicant for either award may submit only one entry for that particular award.

7. What criteria are used to judge the entries?
For the Unpublished Writer’s Award, entries are judged on their appeal, continuity, originality, character development, and word usage/grammar.  For the Aspiring Literary Scholar Award, entries are judged on their content, essay flow, clarity, word usage/grammar, and overall impression.