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Our Logo

pic garrettLogo Creator Earl Nathaniel Garrett, Jr. (1953 - 1996):
The Man Behind the Face

Those eyes, those lips, that hair! Who IS that GIRL? That face gets them every time, and the genius behind our logo is Earl Nathaniel Garrett, Jr.

Back in 1991, after we settled on the amusingly serious club name, borrowed from the comic skit on the popular TV show In Living Color, Earl, late husband of co-founder Lynda Johnson and artist extraordinaire, responded to the call to give our newly formed club a unique and inspired artistic touch. He created our girl, and now she is a club icon. Earl is remembered by all who knew him as the man with a huge smile, great wit and an infectious sense of humor. His wonderful inner spirit, love of life and tender love for his wife can be seen in our beautiful logo, a dynamic visual that never fails to capture attention.